February 18, 2018

This past week the Weekly Workbench has once again been mainly dedicated to vehicles.  If I have my count correct, I did 19 vehicles this week including a couple motorboats on trailers by Dimestore Dreams.  I did several Dimestore Dreams’ plastic vehicles this week, but most of the cars and trucks painted this week are die cast.  Most of the die cast pieces I finished this week were completely repainted, but several received the limited paint job focused on chrome, windows, wheels and an overall spray with Testors Dullcote.   I painted up a couple more 1949 Ford police cars.  While these are slightly different from the one I did last week, they seem to be based on the same toy body.  I added large antenna to both using wire and beads.  Since these police cars were Louisiana police vehicles painted overall white with the state map as the emblem on the door, I painted them to match the previous black and white, and I will be adding a homemade decal of the California Highway Patrol badge to the doors. In addition to the vehicle work I did this week, I painted some giant one-eyed worms made from plastic eye stalks originally attached to head bands much like those that are used with Minnie Mouse ears at Disneyland.  I got the eye-stalk head bands at the swap meet for 50 cents each.  I cut the eye-stalks from the head bands and set them in a Milliput base decorated with small stones.  Once the bases were hardened I gave each piece a new paint job.  They’re a little crazy, but they look pretty good.  My final work this past week was painting two Wyrd Miniatures’ Malifaux children that I picked up at Brookhurst Hobbies’ Bring and Buy last week.  I paid $2 each for the figures which isn’t bad for Malifaux figures that tend to be very expensive.  The little girl has a kind of Adams’ family look to her though I did her as a blond, and as for the baby and his teddy, well, who doesn’t love a baby and his teddy.

February 11, 2018

This has been another week of vehicles for my post apoc collection.  Most of the vehicles are die cast vehicles that I picked up for $3 or less at the swap meet, but there are a few unique pieces.  The most unique is a resin Zamboni I bought in a Montreal gift shop in 2015.  While the original is a little on the tongue-in-cheek side, particularly the overstuffed chair as the driver’s seat, I couldn’t resist it.  The Zamboni just had too much potential for my post apoc world.  I decided to leave most of the Zamboni unmodified and with its original paint, and I focused my attention on the driver’s cockpit… raised the floor using Legos, provided a new bench seat set on the cushion of the overstuff chair,  added a steering wheel, and attached some barrels to distract from the overstuffed chair.  Finally I gave it a driver from the West Wind Road Kill Human Biker Gang pack.  Another unusual piece is the Toot Toy eight-wheel tractor-trailer.  It’s another swap meet find and while more toy-like than most of my die cast vehicles it seemed a reasonable match for the post apoc collection.  I also worked on a Dime Store Dreams’ plastic police car.  I really like the Dime Store Dreams vehicles, and in the case of the police car I decided to do only limited targeted painting… siren, red roof light, grill, windows, and wheels.  I left the rest of the police car as it came and sprayed it with Testors Dullcote to give it the flat look of my fully painted vehicles. I took that same approach with my 1949 Ford and 1957 Chevy police cars, the hot rod with yellow flames, and my school bus.  Other than the Zamboni’s driver, the only figure I painted this week was another Great Worm by Reaper Bones.  I cut out a section of about a third of its body to give it a different look from the original and then painted it.  I photographed it next to the first Great Worm I did/the original version to show the size difference.  Pretty productive week.

February 4, 2018

This week my workbench continued its focus on vehicles for my post apoc collection.  I completed modification and painting of nine vehicles that included an armored VW bus and Chevy stationwagon, a tourist van, a trash truck and several die cast pieces.  All of the vehicles I worked on this week were obtained at the swap meet… most for a dollar and none for more than three dollars.  The armored vehicles were modified with the use of Evergreen Plastic and detailed with barrels, jerry cans, and bedrolls by Tamiya.  The tourist van also includes a large tarp covering Legos.  The tarp is made from Kleenex coated with Testor’s dullcote paint.  The tourist van, the VW bus, the armored Chevy and the trash truck all have personnel from West Wind’s Road Kill Human Biker Gang.  When I painted up the West Wind motorcycles without their riders, I was left with ten bikers that I was wanted to find good use for.  The biker sitting on the rear opening of the trash truck is the most interesting in that he is removable… held in place by two tiny magnets much the same as those I used to hold the removable boards over some of my town windows.  All in all, not a bad week’s work. 

Postscript: I’ve decided to cheat a little and stick in a couple pictures of my Zombie Abatement Team (Z.A.T.) bus.  It’s the first zombie-related item I have ever done, and it was completed perhaps eight or ten years ago when I first got the idea of doing a post apoc zombie desert community.  Like most of the vehicles in this collection, it was picked up for a dollar at the swap meet. The reason I’m tucking it in here is that I want a record of all the vehicles I’m doing for this project, and because this one was done so long ago it won’t fit in the normal postings on the Weekly Workbench.  Also, since it’s my website, I figure I can do what I want!

Detail 1

January 28, 2018

This has been a slow week at the old workbench.  In part that was due to shopping for some new sofas (actually one large sectional sofa) for the family room plus a dentist appointment at the end of the week, but the main reason for my slow down in productivity this week has to do with a trend in my work on my projects that I have seen recur over the years.  Work on each of these projects/collections tends to last between six months and a year, and I tend to work on them in blocks… buildings, figures, vehicles, accessories and interiors, and end-of-projects odds and ends. What happens is that at the end of each block I slow down before moving ahead on the next block.  It’s almost as though I’m a little nervous about starting something new.  Since October I have done a bit more than 30 structures (mostly Plasticville and K-Line) for my post apoc desert community, and last week I was wrapping up the last of the figures painting for this project which brought that number to about 450 figures… about 200 more than I thought this project would involve.  Next on the agenda is vehicles, but I had trouble getting vehicle focused.  So this week I worked on another version of Molly Hayes.  This time I gave her a Gatling gun taken from the Heroclix figure Skullbuster.  When Molly was done, and I really like the way she came out, I decided to make use of some Heroclix Nightrider heads that I had removed from their original figures and replaced with Kings of War zombie heads.  I took the removed Nightrider heads/flaming skulls and mounted them on posts with new paint jobs… warning to zombies to stay away; not sure if zombies can be warned, but the mounted heads look pretty good. 

Next on my workbench were a couple of Reaper/Bones Great Worms that for some reason had been pushed to the rear of my figure painting throughout this project.  I did one as it came, but I decided to modify the second one by cutting a section out of its neck (3/4” at the back and ½” at the front) to give it a different look.  Despite removing that large chunk of neck/maybe body (hard to tell with a worm), it’s almost impossible to see any difference between them.   After the worms, I returned to playing with some Clix.  I cut the cat woman off one of the Heroclix bombshell figures, did a little touch up work, and rebased the unexploded bomb… might have a place in a post apoc desert community.   I also removed the TNT boxes from the Heroclix figure Mr. Immortal.  I rebased the boxes on the rock slab from the Molly Hayes figures and gave it new paint… I like it.  While I was at this little stuff, I decided to base and paint a couple of little plants taken from a broken toy I got at the swap meet months ago… definitely not for the post apoc, but I’ll find a use for them with some collection. 

Finally my mind began to turn toward vehicles and the next stage or phase of this project.  I’ve been collecting cars and trucks for this project for years… most of them coming from my local swap meet.  But my transition into vehicles had one foot in the figure world.  During my figure-painting phase of this project, I painted up more than a dozen standing bikers (as opposed to riding bikers), and they needed motorcycles.  A month or so ago I painted the Blue Moon Road Kill Human Biker Gang and really loved the figures, but I also discovered in putting them together that the riders are completely separate from their bikes which meant that the bikes could be made as stand alones for my “standing” biker figures.  Because I share a membership in the Old Glory Army with a couple other guys, I get a 40% discount, and I share the shipping cost.  That said I felt I could afford to by the Human Biker Gang just for the bikes, and I did.  They came out great, and eased me closer to the vehicle phase of this post apoc project.  Finally I took out a box of cars and trucks and completed work on a couple of VW vans and station wagons plus one little hot rod.  It’s a start.   


A Look Back At My Workbench/October 27, 2017

This website has galleries that go back nearly ten years, but the Workbench section is only a few weeks old.  It occurred to me that it might be a good idea to inject a look back at past work from time to time.  Since the Workbench began several months after work began on my post apoc collection, a lot has already been completed so a look at the past work on this project would probably be a good place to start with a “look back” element to the Workbench.  Rather than focus on painted figures, zombie or otherwise, I decided I would post pictures of the completed structures that will make up the town.  By October 28, 2017 I had finished 27 buildings (2 from cars movies, 1 O gauge theater/manufacturer unknown, and 24 buildings from Plasticville and K-Line), 13 trailers for my trailer park (6 Plasticville and the others from Michael’s, JoAnne’s, and the swap meet), and a camper.  The most unique element of the buildings is that I put removable boards over the windows of a number of the buildings.  I was able to make them removable by putting a tiny magnet on the inside of the window and the back of the boards.  By doing this the boards can be attached or removed with no evidence of the magnets.  By doing that I get more use value from these buildings and trailers, and options for varied use is a good thing. 

January 20, 2018

I’m posting the workbench for this week a day early because tomorrow will be a busy day that will probably not offer time for picture taking, and this week’s workbench requires a lot of pictures.  When I began the weekly workbench section of my website just a couple weeks ago, I was well in to my post apoc figure painting.  Today pretty much brings my zombie brushwork to a close with about  200 zombies done.  This posting includes zombies from Box 3 of the Blue Moon Things That Go Bump In The Night zombie collection.  My work this week also included zombies from Kings of War and Eureka.  In addition to the zombies, I painted some casualties from Old Glory and three Clix… two Heroclix and a mutant bunny from Horrorclix.  Without question my favorite workbench figure this week was Heroclix’s Molly Hayes.  I originally bought Molly because I wanted the three yellow ducks.  My plan was to use them as targets in a circus shooting gallery sideshow.  But the more I looked at Molly herself, the more I saw her potential as a zombie fighter.  Rather than do a long write-up of the change Molly has undergone, I’ve photographed her in her before and after state.

January 14, 2018

This week, work continued on my zombies… lots still to do.  I completed the rest of the Project Z female zombies, several Reaper zombies, three zombies from Brigade Games, and Box #1 of the Blue Moon Things That Go Bump In The Night Zombies.    For a little break from zombies, I decided to paint up four voodoo figures for this collection… two are Reaper and two are Clix (one Heroclix and one Horrorclix).    My work on zombies will continue for the next week or two.  Tomorrow I will start Box #3 of the Blue Moon zombies and probably get started on some zombies from the Kings of War.

January 7, 2018

Having completed my Spaceport Gallery in October, I have been working for several months on my next collection which is a post-apoc collection roughly inspired by the work of members of Lead Adventure Forum who were involved in a game called Atomic Cafe.  The setting for my post-apoc drama will be a small desert community located between LA and Las Vegas.  I have currently painted about 250 figures for this collection, and I am now deep into my zombie horde.  This week I have been working on figures from Warlord Games’ Project Z/Zombie Horde and completed the male Project Z zombies, and about half of the females.